Anasazi Creations -- Native American Metis Beadwork & Jewelry Handmade by Susan Shatreau-Janisky

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The Anasazi Creations Jewelry features a varied selection of items for your unique shopping experience some of the featured items are:  hand crafted wire wrapped jewelry using semi-precious gemstones and beads, turquoise, crystal, dichroic glass  set in 14 kt gold fill and sterling silver wire and hand constructed jewelry using sterling silver,  copper and brass.

We also offer lovely earrings and strung necklaces and bracelets with crystal, semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and gold fill beads. Each piece is created by hand by Metis/Native American jewelry artist Susan Shatreau-Janisky.

The Metis line offers diverse cultural art with traditional  Native American Designs using  beadwork & leather featuring Medallions, Cuff Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings, Medicine Bags & Crossbody Bags made of fine grade leather elk skin.

The brass,copper & sterling silver  lines is created by hand by Metis/Native American Artist, Susan Shatreau-Janisky & by Michael Janisky, who is of Scottish (clan McDonald) & Polish/Czech descent.

We are honored to have you view our unique Jewelry & Cultural Art.

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